About Us


Our company was established in 2000 as a company performing technological installations, especially made of stainless steel.  Further development of the company was to expand our service offer to perform carbon steel installations as well as mount air duct installations. The company has a stable market position thanks to high quality services. We invite you to review our offer. We perform works both on Polish and foreign markets. With a great plant and freight fleet, we are flexible and mobile.At our disposal, we have got our own workshop owing to which we're able to fabricate certain products.
Our employees are experienced and have obtained various certificates such as TUV, UDT.

We perform welding services using the following methods:
- TIG (141)
- MIG/MAG (135,135)
- MMA – covered electrode (111)
- oxyacetylene gas welding (311)

We are looking forward to working with you!